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Code of Ordinances

City of Oakland


Chapter 1 Code of Ordinances

Chapter 2 Charter

Chapter 3 Municipal Infractions

Chapter 5 Operating Procedures

Chapter 6 City Elections

Chapter 7 Fiscal Management

Chapter 8 Urban Renewal

Chapter 9 Mayor

Chapter 16 Mayor Pro Tem

Chapter 17 Council

Chapter 18 City Clerk

Chapter 19 City Treasurer

Chapter 20 City Attorney

Chapter 21 Library Board of Trustees

Chapter 22 Planning and Zoning Commission

Chapter 23 Park and Recreation Board

Chapter 24 Golf Course Board

Chapter 30 Contract Law Enforcement

Chapter 35 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

Chapter 36 Harzardous Substance Spills

Chapter 37 Volunteer Rescue Squad

Chapter 40 Public Peace

Chapter 41 Public Health and Safety

Chapter 42 Public and Private Property

Chapter 45 Alcohol Consumption and Intoxication

Chapter 46 Minors

Chapter 47 Park Regulations

Chapter 50 Nuisance Abatement Procedure

Chapter 51 June and Junk Vehicles

Chapter 52 Weeds

Chapter 55 Animal Protection and Control

Chapter 56 Dog and Cat Licenses

Chapter 57 Pit Bull Dogs

Chapter 58 Dangerous and Vicious Animals

Chapter 59 Urban Chickens and Ducks

Chapter 60 Administration of Traffic Code

Chapter 61 Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 62 General Traffic Regulations

Chapter 63 Speed Regulations

Chapter 64 Turning Regulations

Chapter 65 Stop or Yield Required

Chapter 66 Load and Weight Restrictions

Chapter 67 Pedestrians

Chapter 68 One-Way Traffic

Chapter 69 Parking Regulations

Chapter 70 Traffic Code Enforcement Procedures

Chapter 75 All-Terrain Vehicles and Snowmobiles

Ordinance 57 Amending Chap 75 ATV/ORV/UTV Use (Permit Required)
Approved 04/12/2021

Ordinance 61 Amend Chap 75
(Permit no longer required due to State law change) Approved 07/2022

Chapter 76 Bicycle Regulations

Chapter 77 Golf Carts

Chapter 80 Abandoned Vehicles

Chapter 90 Water Service System

Chapter 91 Water Meter

Chapter 92 Water Rates

Chapter 95 Sanitary Sewer System

Chapter 96 Building Sewers and Connections

Chapter 97 Use of Public Sewers

Chapter 98 On-Site Wastewater Systems

Chapter 99 Sewer Service Charges

Chapter 105 Solid Waste Control

Chapter 106 Collection of Solid Waste

Chapter 110 Natural Gas Franchise

Chapter 111 Electric Franchise

Chapter 112 Telephone Franchise

Chapter 120 Liquor License and Wine and Beer Permits

Chapter 121 Cigarette and Tobacco Permits

Chapter 122 Peddlers Solicitors and Transient Merchants

Chapter 123 Alarm Systems

Chapter 135 Street Use and Maintenance

Chapter 136 Sidewalk Regulations

Chapter 137 Vacation and Disposal of Streets

Chapter 138 Street Grades

Chapter 139 Naming of Streets

Chapter 145 Dangerous Buildings

Chapter 150 Building Numbering

Chapter 151 Trees

Chapter 152 Swimming Pools

Chapter 160 Flood Plain Regulations

Zoning Ordinance