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water service line material inventory pipe
City utility bills mailed November 2023 will be in an envelope with "Quality on Tap" in the return address label position. Included with the utility bill is a request with directions for identifying your water service line material. This information will be included in the City of Oakland Water Service Line Inventory as required by the EPA. If you need assistance identifying your water service...
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The Fitness Center is now open, contact City Hall (712-482-6811) for membership information and to set up an orientation. Current Business: Some of the businesses and their services currently located in Oakland include: nursing home, insurance, farm services, gas transportation, meat processing, beauty salons, hardware store, lumber yard, flower shop, funeral home, pharmacy, doctor, massage...
Water running into hands
Due to dry conditions and high temperatures the City of Oakland has implemented Water Warning Tier II of the Water Conservation Plan, effective June 13, 2023. WATER WARNING - A Tier I or Tier II Water Warning may be declared when a water shortage or equipment failure poses a serious threat to the ability of the water or wastewater system to meet the needs of its customers currently or in the...
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Recycling container
Stop in to City Hall to get vouchers for the Recycling Center (City pays the fees) What can I bring?