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City of Oakland has implemented Water Warning Tier II

Water running into hands

Due to dry conditions and high temperatures the City of Oakland has implemented Water Warning Tier II of the Water Conservation Plan, effective June 13, 2023.

WATER WARNING - A Tier I or Tier II Water Warning may be declared when a water shortage or equipment failure poses a serious threat to the ability of the water or wastewater system to meet the needs of its customers currently or in the foreseeable future. Indicators of the need to impose a Tier I water warning include: system operating at 85% of pumping capacity; significant decrease in the pumping water level of wells or significant decrease in recovery rate of water level in wells. Indicators of the need to impose a Tier II water warning include severe system emergencies such as a chemical spill or major system failure. 

 a. WATER WARNING - TIER I - Under a Tier I Water Warning, no person shall use potable processed water of the municipal water service in any manner contrary to the following: 

i.     Outdoor watering or irrigation of lawns is prohibited.

ii.    Outdoor watering of any kind is prohibited between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. daily.

iii.   Water or irrigation of flower and vegetable gardens, trees and shrubs less than 4 years old, and new seeding or sod is permitted once per week with an application not to exceed one inch.

iv.    Car washing is prohibited except in commercial establishments that  provide that service.

v.     No water shall be used to fill private swimming pools, children's      wading pools, reflecting pools, or any other outdoor pool or pond.

vi.    No water shall be used to wash streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, or building exteriors.

vii.   No water shall be used for nonessential cleaning of commercial and industrial equipment, machinery, and interior spaces.

viii.  Water shall be served at restaurants only upon the request of the customer.

ix.    Use of water-consuming comfort air conditioning equipment which consumes in excess of 5 percent of the water circulating in such equipment is prohibited.

x.    Tank load water sales may be curtailed or eliminated. Water reclaimed or recycled after some primary use, such as water that has been used for washing or cooling, may be used without restriction.


Additionally, water derived from other sources than the city water utility, such as water condensed from the atmosphere by air conditioners or collected from rain or snow, may be used without restriction. 

b.    WATER WARNING - TIER II - Under a Tier II Water Warning, no person shall use potable processed water of the municipal water system in any manner contrary to the following: All outside water use, except for domestic, sanitation, and fire, is prohibited. All commercial and industrial use of water not essential in providing products or services is prohibited. Irrigation of agricultural crops is prohibited. Recreational and leisure water use, including lawn and golf course watering and other incidental or recreational use, is prohibited. Water use not necessary for the preservation of life or the general welfare of the community is prohibited.